Is an independent film based on a short story from celebrated author F. Scott Fitzgerald, that was written after the glitter of Gatsby had faded, and Fitzgerald examined what was left of his generation - and his family.

After Gatsby

Reset and expanded in modern day Las Vegas this timeless tale examines the ways in which we try and mask the fact that we have not truly changed.  


A family dramedy serves as a microcosm for the tightly inter-weaved stories of change and the consequences when we hasten slowly necessary change - as time is unrelenting, and each passing second is another missed opportunity.


Joey Kern (Cabin Fever, Super Troopers)

Ben Savage (Boy Meets World)

Mary Catherine Garrison (Broadway star of Assassins and Lend Me a Tenor)

Julie McNiven (Mad Men, Supernatural)

Hailey Sole (Private Practice, Ghost Whisperer)

Aja Evans (Justified, Two and A Half Men)

Brian Gallivan (Are You There Chelsea?,  Internet sensation Sassy Gay Friend)

and Anthony Russell (Casino, Life with Bonnie)